Does CTR Manipulation Improve Rankings?

What is “CTR”? It stands for Click Through Rate, and this is the number one measurement for search engine rankings. The more people who click on a link, the higher up in the rankings that site will appear. Many webmasters, including myself, spend hours, days and even weeks working to get their websites as high up in the rankings as possible. If you’re reading this then you are already an expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and hopefully you’ll agree that without SEO, our websites would be buried in the numerous other websites on the Internet.

The majority of webmasters use SEO to their advantage. They will spend days, weeks and months adding content, link building, content marketing, keyword positioning and all of the usual SEO tricks. These techniques will bring you to page one on Google or Yahoo within a few weeks, and from there, the sky is literally the limit! You can literally create a new blog every single day, and spend hours, days and weeks (yes, days – some webmasters have done it in weeks) promoting it to the best possible keywords and directories. In reality, however, most webmasters do not achieve their rankings with such methods. Instead, they sit back and watch their pages sit at the very bottom of the search engine’s page results, and just leave them there. Does CTR manipulation improve rankings?

Does CTR manipulation improve rankings

This is why many of the new, inexperienced and unscrupulous webmasters out there will attempt to game the system and trick the search engines into thinking they are more popular than they actually are. For example, some webmasters will create directories and sub-directories which are designed to mimic the way search engines view popular sites. These directories sit at the very bottom of the search engines’ rankings and subsequently ‘voted’ down by the search engines. This has the effect of lowering their rankings and eventually making them rank at the very bottom of the search engines’ rankings list. So how can it improve rankings then?

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Well, it all comes down to one simple rule: the higher your ranking is, the more traffic you’re going to receive. Now, there’s a lot that goes into it, but that’s the basics of it. There are two ways you can perform this ‘trick’, and you can do them both. You can use manual keyword research to find the best, most searched for keywords related to your website and then use those words to manipulate the search engines into thinking your site is more popular and therefore, deserving of a better ranking. Or you can use software, like Overture or Google Analytics, to measure the amount of traffic you’re receiving and then use that information to trick the search engines into thinking your site is worth more than it is.

I mentioned above, about manually analyzing keywords. There is also an alternative, and that is using software. Many webmasters believe these software programs actually work, and to be fair, quite a few are quite good. However, as with any software program, there are plenty of bogus scam sites out there that make it look like they have something to offer when in fact they are only after your money.

The only thing these software programs actually do is give you false results. They are designed to trick the search engines into thinking your website is ‘better’ than it really is. This means the search engines will rank your website higher. But only if the ranking is fake, and the software uses common methods of SEO (which many website owners don’t know about).

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This is why it’s always a good idea to do your own independent keyword research and learn how to manipulate the search engines. This is better than relying on a software program that may not work and will ultimately cost you. Not to mention that you’ll never be able to fully understand how the system works if you rely on software to manipulate the system. However, there are some webmasters who do use software, and they’ve found it to be extremely effective at increasing their website rankings. And there are other webmasters who swear by CTR, and say it’s one of the most effective ways to get higher rankings.

But the truth is, this depends entirely on the quality of the website itself. Some websites with high page rankings can also have low PR. However, the majority of them have a mix of both. If a webmaster can manage to get a high page rank while also having a low PR, then it’s likely that the software they used does improve rankings. But as long as the website has a decent amount of inbound links, has good content, and makes sense, then it’s pointless to use software to manipulate the search engines.

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