How To Find Out If Your Partner Is Lying To You

Unfortunately, science we can not tell you if your partner is sleeping with someone, we can certainly help you find out if he or she is somehow misleading you.

Here are some ways to show you if your other half is hiding something from you or lying to you.

It is well known that third parties can sometimes better understand what is going on in a relationship. Third parties are more successful in this in a strange way.

This was proved by an experiment of a team of psychologists from Brigham Young University. In it couples tried to work together to paint an object. One partner had his eyes covered, while the other gave him instructions on how to paint.

The whole process was videotaped, while shortly before each couple had answered a series of personal questions, in which they were asked to reveal whether they would ever cheat on their partner.

The material of the couples’ painting collaboration was then presented to third parties, who were incredibly accurate in their assessments and could determine if one partner was unfaithful or unhappy.

When a person tries to judge something consciously, then the result is usually bad. On the contrary, when this process is done subconsciously, the criticism is more accurate.

In 2013, psychologists asked a group of students to listen to what a number of people had to say and to judge whether they were telling the truth or a lie. Those who took their time and examined the testimonies subconsciously, were able to judge more successfully the person that was in the mood to deceive them.

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A psychology teacher studying data from a text analysis program has identified some specific verbal patterns that are used by anyone who wants to avoid the truth.

Thus, liars tend to use words with negative connotations, such as “hate”, “anger”, “enemy”, and verbs that indicate movement, such as “I walk” or “I move”.

Instead, they avoid expressing themselves in the first person singular, using words such as “perceive” or “think” and others, such as “but” and “out”.

Recently, Canadian researchers asked a group of volunteers to listen to a series of voices and judge which one they found most appealing. The researchers then asked them to judge whether they thought the people they heard were capable of cheating.

According to the female volunteers, a man with a deep voice is more likely to cheat on his partner, while on the contrary the male volunteers judged that the women with the thinnest voice are the ones who will most likely “betray” their other half.

What is worth noting, however, is the fact that deep voice is a result of high testosterone levels. And high testosterone levels in a man usually make him unfaithful.

A recent study by the University of Missouri on 600 Twitter users showed that those who spent more than an hour a day on it were more likely to quarrel with their partner, get a divorce or divorce.

If you have been with your partner for a long time, you have learned all his habits, his reactions and you know how he handles each situation.

If you notice changes in everything above, it means that something is wrong. Sudden changes in body language, from facial expressions to speech patterns, are red flags that you should pay close attention to.

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As one behavioral analyst points out, “a person’s body experiences a series of changes when it is nervous, tense, or just lying.”

One sign that someone is lying is their sudden inability to speak. This is because the nervous system reacts to stress by filling the mouth with saliva.

Another sign is the personal attack as an attempt not to answer questions.

In addition, a 2011 study by UCLA found that people who tend to lie tend to repeat the questions they have been asked. Probably to give themselves time to come up with an answer.

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