Thinking of selling your property in Dubai? Get an Instant property estimate from Chiragh

Thinking of selling your property in Dubai Get an Instant property estimate from Chiragh

The real estate market in Dubai is stronger than ever. The correction phase has already passed and the prices are nearing their actuality. This means the market is much more stable than before and investing in the real estate market right now will yield great returns in the future. Since the prices are good, some people are also thinking about selling their properties in Dubai. 

When it comes to selling real estate units in Dubai, things are not as easy as they seem. Most of the prices listed online are inflated and if you refer to those values to derive an estimate for your property unit, chances are you will be in the market for a long time. To sell property fast in the UAE, you need to get a free property estimate and this is precisely what the Chiragh Property Estimate widget offers you. 

Chiragh property estimates are developed to offer property guide prices for sellers and buyers. These are reasonable estimates that are based on the extensive database provided by the Dubai Land Department. The Chiragh Genie tool takes into consideration the location, area and age of the property and then determines the estimated value for a particular real estate unit. 

The database sourced by the Dubai Land Department consists of previous transactions that were executed in the locality where the property is situated. The property estimate tool uses these property prices and employs machine learning to estimate the best price for the concerned real estate property. 

These reasonable estimates allow people to decide whether they should sell or buy a particular property. The property estimate tool also assists property sellers in deciding whether they should place their property on Chiragh real estate auctions or not. To use a property estimate tool, all you need is to add your property details such as property type, current use, location, area and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 

It is important to be aware of the current property prices of a locality before you place your real estate unit up for sale in Dubai. While buying is always the best decision in countries like the UAE, there are also numerous opportunities where selling one property may lead you to buy three other properties in a nearby location. 

The real estate market of Dubai is expected to register commendable gains shortly. If you are interested in making cross-border property transactions in the currency of your choice, then Chiragh eWallet will allow you to do just that! The blockchain-powered auctions portal is also affiliated with prominent banks and you can easily qualify for a mortgage loan from one of the Chiragh Genie tools. Don’t waste your time because time is money. Invest wisely.  

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